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LP Creative Studio is your company’s personal production team, because Your story is our passion.

LP Creative Studio is a media production house with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune Global 175 companies. We focus on artful photography, powerful storytelling and innovative editing to create video and social media content custom-made for your needs, from a single media post to video shoots anywhere around the globe. Our creative team delivers the level of involvement your project demands, from ideas to execution, post-production to social media posting. The goal is to move an audience, motivate a purchase, and inspire an emotion that truly connects. We get it. We do it. in addition, we play well with others.


Welcome to the heart of LP Creative Studio, where a talented and diverse team comes together to fuel our passion for innovative design. Our team is a dynamic blend of creative minds, each contributing their unique expertise to transform ideas into visually stunning realities.

Chris Pugh

Chief Client Officer | CO-FOUNDER

Chris is LP’s co-founder. He’s a coordination ninja, ensuring every detail is addressed, every creative option is considered, and every client is impressed with LP’s ability to deliver the best product possible. He loves working at a small, nimble company where decisions can be made quickly and efficiency is job one.

Chris is also a podcast junkie, taking every opportunity to learn new marketing tricks and stay on top of the latest tech and trends. It’s a compliment to Chris’ communication chops that clients continue to bring new projects to LP and refer others to the company to solve their communication challenges. With Chris at the helm of your project, you’ll get clear, concise direction, a cheerful can-do attitude, and a sincere determination to do what’s right for your message, your company and your bottom line.

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Scott Louis


Scott is the “L” in LP Creative. He’s an Emmy award-winning visual storyteller who loves shooting pictures anywhere and taking his personal grill everywhere. Scott is passionate about making people happy. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot, solve a complex communication problem, or cook up a perfect slab of ribs.

He embraces new technology and masters every piece of equipment in LP’s extensive shop to capture the perfect photographic moment….from slow-motion flames to high-flying drones. Scott is really proud of the fact that clients keep coming back to LP’s personalized production team. They love the product, appreciate the connection, and respect the energy and dedication Scott brings to every project. Scott really means it when he says, “Every client is our best client.”

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Sean McFarland

Senior Visual Marketing Specialist

Sean loves the blend of technology, psychology and storytelling he finds every day at LP Creative. He’s a multi-tasker…photographer, editor, innovator, conversation starter and advocate for sharing ideas and learning through collaboration. He’s also a composer, music producer and wicked drummer, specializing in “beat production” for other composers.

Sean enjoys solving production puzzles by finding ways to organize and work more efficiently, so he has more time to connect with clients and co-workers and, you guessed it, solve even more production puzzles. His degree in Digital Media and Marketing makes him the “go-to guy” for finding business and communication solutions, and his competitive drive pushes him to chase perfection in every project.

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Nick Scarfino

Graphic Designer | Photography

Nick’s career grew out of his passion for visual arts, graphic design and a disciplined competitive spirit that pushes him to out-do the competition at the computer. He loves pairing his comprehensive knowledge of sophisticated software with the creativity of design to shape the visual aspects of a project.

Complex logo, brand identity or layout challenges are Nick’s idea of fun, and he’s got the confidence to tackle any task. That comes in handy when clients have a long list of objectives that need clarity and expression. Give Nick a brain dump of ideas and a little bit of time to indulge his attention to detail and we’re pretty sure you’ll love what he creates for your next project.

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Nicholas Wallace

Project Utility Manager

Nicholas Wallace is an avid traveling film shooter with a passion for capturing the world through the lens of his camera. His journey as a filmmaker has taken him to various corners of the globe. Nicholas has a keen eye for detail, and his cinematography reflects a deep appreciation for the beauty and attention to detail no matter the project.

In his free time, Nicholas finds solace in the great outdoors, enjoying backpacking and hiking adventures. Accompanied by his loyal canine companion, Chico, the duo explores scenic trails and embraces the tranquility of nature. Nicholas’s love for hiking not only provides him with moments of serenity but also serves as a source of inspiration for his filmmaking endeavors.

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Paul Wise

Senior Video Editor

Paul Wise is a seasoned video editor with a passion for transforming raw footage into compelling visual stories. Currently serving as the Video Editor at LP Creative Studio, Paul brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the dynamic world of media production.

Born with a keen eye for detail and an innate sense of storytelling, Paul’s journey in the realm of video editing began early in his career. His dedication to honing his craft led him to acquire an impressive skill set, encompassing various editing techniques, software proficiency, and an intuitive understanding of narrative flow.

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Caleb Curry

Video Editor

Caleb Curry, a visionary in the world of video editing, serves as a key player at LP Creative Studio, where his innovative approach and technical prowess redefine visual storytelling.

From a young age, Caleb exhibited a natural affinity for technology and creativity, laying the foundation for his journey into the dynamic field of video editing. His early experiences, coupled with a tireless commitment to mastering the art, propelled him to the forefront of the industry.

In his role as a Video Editor at LP Creative Studio, Caleb brings a distinctive flair to every project. His work transcends the ordinary, seamlessly blending technical expertise with an innate understanding of narrative rhythm. From concept to execution, Caleb’s editing prowess transforms raw footage into captivating visual narratives that resonate with audiences.

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Alissa Pugh

Project Coordinator

Alissa Pugh is a highly skilled and detail-oriented professional serving as a Project Coordinator at LP Creative Studio. With a passion for organization and a keen eye for project management, Alissa plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution of creative endeavors.

From the early stages of her career, Alissa demonstrated a natural aptitude for coordinating complex tasks. Her journey into project coordination was marked by a commitment to excellence and a knack for fostering collaboration. At LP Creative Studio, Alissa has become an indispensable asset, adeptly handling the diverse challenges that come with orchestrating creative projects.

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Connor Louis

Media Management

Connor Louis is a proficient and resourceful professional, currently serving as the Project Media Manager at LP Creative Studio. With a deep-rooted passion for media organization and a keen eye for detail, Connor plays a pivotal role in the studio’s creative workflow.

From the outset of his career, Connor demonstrated an innate ability to navigate the intricacies of media management. His journey into project media coordination was marked by a commitment to optimizing workflows and enhancing the efficiency of creative processes. At LP Creative Studio, Connor stands as a linchpin, ensuring that every piece of media aligns seamlessly with project timelines and objectives.

In his role as a Project Media Manager, Connor oversees the organization, storage, and retrieval of all media assets. His meticulous approach to cataloging and maintaining an efficient media library ensures that the creative team has swift access to the resources they need. Connor’s expertise in media management extends beyond mere technical proficiency; he understands the integral role that well-organized media plays in the success of creative projects.

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